Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entertainment Discourse: The Titanic

When I was in third grade, the big new movie was the Titanic, and it wasn't just big, it was epic. Slowly, everyone in my girl scout troop went to see the movie and it was all anybody talked about. This made me pretty upset because my mother refused to let me go see the movie. She said it was age-inappropriate and she thought my eight year old self would be too sad after.

But as I said before I really wanted to see the movie. I wanted to see Kate and Leo fall in love, a very large boat, and froze corpses floating in the ocean. So I hatched a plot.

My best friend Brianna and I were planning a sleepover coming up, one where we went to the movies. Of course, her mother wanted to get permission from my parents before going to the movie, because of it's rating. So I thought ahead and asked my dad, whether I could go, he was pretty oblivious to the ongoing controversy. He happily called Brianna's mom and told her it was fine.

So the day finally arrived and we went to see the movie. I never got to see the drawing scene, I think we took a popcorn or bathroom break during it. We weren't even old enough to understand what was happening with the car and the sweaty hand business. I was old enough to know that Leonardo DiCaprio was the cutest boy I'd ever seen.

All did not end well though. That night I couldn't sleep and was crying about seeing that frozen baby in the end scene. I wanted to go home. So her parents called my parents and I was completely busted.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Entertainment Discourse

I've always loved The Beatles. In there music I can always find something that's relevant to my life. It makes me feel understood, like I've just had a long conversation with my best friend over caramel lattes. My dad always used to sing the song Octopus's Garden when I was going to sleep. Then, it seemed like my special story about a fantasy, under- water world.

I still really enjoy this song. It's very relaxing to listen to. I think it also connects to something that my be a pattern in my life. Escape, the song is about a place where you can escape the authority and mundane activities of normal life. I think this desire to escape is why I enjoy reading so much. When I was little I loved going for walks in the woods in my backyard. Whenever I found a little clearing I thought it was a fairy bedroom. It also connects with the pattern of water. I love rain and swimming, I've spent the last six summers life-guarding. I will try to follow this patterns in future projects

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Micro-narrative #1

Now, I know that this can't possibly be my own memory, since I was too young when it happened, but it's been told to me so many time I swear I can remember it. It was the middle of the summer and my family was driving North for a camping trip. We were driving from Massuchusetts up to the mountains of North Conway NH. The drive was about two hours, we left around six after my parent's got out of work so the sun was setting during our ride.

My father was driving and my mother was in the passenger street. I was strapped into my carseat in the back, my brother Ryan, who must have been about seven, was sitting next to me. We were almost there when my parents noticed a cluster of cars pulled over on the side of the road. They were out of there cars looking at something, my mom and dad must have known what it was. It was two moose, a mama and a baby. I don't know if you've seen a moose but they're HUGE and very majestic looking. People were gathered around, being as silent as possible snapping photos without the flash so the wouldnt scare the magnificent creatures.

My family carefully got out the car, my dad grabbed the camera while my mother took me out of the carseat. I'm sure Ryan had to be told "hush!" a few times, he was a fairly hyper-active child. Everyone was in awe of the moose until suddenly I said my first word "Pu-ppy!" and scared the two moose away. Despite the fact that my parents were extremely excited and proud of my accomplishment we were forced to make a quick exit. People were not too excited about us ruining thier authentic New Hampshire experience.