Friday, September 17, 2010

Entertainment Discourse

I've always loved The Beatles. In there music I can always find something that's relevant to my life. It makes me feel understood, like I've just had a long conversation with my best friend over caramel lattes. My dad always used to sing the song Octopus's Garden when I was going to sleep. Then, it seemed like my special story about a fantasy, under- water world.

I still really enjoy this song. It's very relaxing to listen to. I think it also connects to something that my be a pattern in my life. Escape, the song is about a place where you can escape the authority and mundane activities of normal life. I think this desire to escape is why I enjoy reading so much. When I was little I loved going for walks in the woods in my backyard. Whenever I found a little clearing I thought it was a fairy bedroom. It also connects with the pattern of water. I love rain and swimming, I've spent the last six summers life-guarding. I will try to follow this patterns in future projects

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