Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entertainment Discourse: The Titanic

When I was in third grade, the big new movie was the Titanic, and it wasn't just big, it was epic. Slowly, everyone in my girl scout troop went to see the movie and it was all anybody talked about. This made me pretty upset because my mother refused to let me go see the movie. She said it was age-inappropriate and she thought my eight year old self would be too sad after.

But as I said before I really wanted to see the movie. I wanted to see Kate and Leo fall in love, a very large boat, and froze corpses floating in the ocean. So I hatched a plot.

My best friend Brianna and I were planning a sleepover coming up, one where we went to the movies. Of course, her mother wanted to get permission from my parents before going to the movie, because of it's rating. So I thought ahead and asked my dad, whether I could go, he was pretty oblivious to the ongoing controversy. He happily called Brianna's mom and told her it was fine.

So the day finally arrived and we went to see the movie. I never got to see the drawing scene, I think we took a popcorn or bathroom break during it. We weren't even old enough to understand what was happening with the car and the sweaty hand business. I was old enough to know that Leonardo DiCaprio was the cutest boy I'd ever seen.

All did not end well though. That night I couldn't sleep and was crying about seeing that frozen baby in the end scene. I wanted to go home. So her parents called my parents and I was completely busted.

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