Monday, October 11, 2010

Childhood Narrative 2

Some of my best memories as a kid were on the beach. That's funny because it was always a huge ordeal to take me to the beach. I'm pretty pale now and it was worse as a kid. I had to be covered with 45 spf sunscreen, put on a tee-shirt after an hour, then take 15 minute breaks under the umbrella. Other than that though, it was amazing.

We always went to the beach when we stayed at my Nana's house. She lives about five minutes from the ocean, you can either walk or drive. My mom would get my brothers and I up early, and get us breakfast while she packed up soda, chips, sandwiches, towels, beach toys and all that stuff. Then we would all go, I love the feeling of the warm sand on my feet. My brother Ian and I would run into the ocean as far as we could go. Sometimes I would walk along the rocks with my dad looking for seashells and little hermit crabs. If we found one he would let us keep it for a little while, in a bucket.

Then when we were all sunburned and tired we would start packing it up. Ryan, Ian, and I would have to take our sandals down to the waters edge, rinse our feet off and put them right in the shoes. Then we would get in the car, go home, and shower all the sand off.

To this day the smell of an ocean breeze in the air is enough to make me smile.

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