Monday, October 11, 2010

Entertainment Discourse

If there is anyone in the class that has not read this book, or at least seen the movie I would be completely shocked. Charlotte's Web is a classic. For those who don't know, it is about a pig, who realizes he is going to be made into bacon. Fern the farmer's daughter saved him when he was born a run, and comes to visit at her uncles the farm, but Wilbur is lonely. Luckily he befriends a spider, Charlotte, who comes up with a brilliant plan to save him. To introduce herself she weaves "salutations" in her web.

The Zuckerman's want to cook Wilbur for Christmas dinner. To trick them Charlotte first write "some pig" in her web. The Zuckerman's think it's a miracle and people come from miles around to see. Next Charlotte weaves "Terrific" into her web. Wilbur wins at the state fair in competition with a large pig named Uncle and he is saved.

In the end Charlotte must leavve Wilbur, because it is her time to die. But with her wisdom and the independence she has taught him he should be able to make it without her. He also has Charlotte's little spider babies to keep him company. I think Charlotte's Web is as good now as when I was younger. The characters in at are so adorable and lovable especially Charlotte, who dedicates her life to saving her friend.

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