Monday, October 11, 2010

Entertainment Discourse

Ludwig Bemelman's Madeline was a series of books and an animated movie, I loved both as a child. It is about an all girl's school. They live in an old house covered with vines where they all break bread together every night. The girls all follow their teacher Ms. Clevell in two perfect rows. Madeline is the only redhead in the group and she is constantly getting into trouble. I'm sure many girls can relate to reading Madeline as child because it is such a classic, I feel like everyone has read it. My children will read it, there children probably will too.

I liked Madeline I wanted to be French like her and I named my favorite doll after her. Madeline wasn't a Madeline doll, she was a baby doll. There was nothing particularly special about Madeline besides that I loved her and took her everywhere. Naturally since I was dragging this doll around everywhere, it wasn't in the best shape. She got left in the rain a few times.

I was out shopping with my aunt and mom one weekend, and like normal I brought Madeline. We went to Frugal Fannies. They have a large communal dressing you. Tons of naked people. Naturally to a child this was both fascinating and frightening. Anyways, I ended up leaving my doll there. When we got home I was very upset. My mom called the store the next day but they had thrown Madeline away. I was crushed.

I think the Madeline books send a good message to little girls. While they do encourage mischief they also teach girls to go against the grain and be different.

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