Monday, October 11, 2010

Entertainment Discourse-diegesis

When I was younger, probably around first to fourth grade, I love the Babysitter's Club. But I got even more in The Babysitter's Club Little Sister books. They were easier to read and more relate able to me. Kristy was one of four of the 13 year-old girls that made up the Babysitter's Club. Kristy's mother married a wealthy widower named Watson and his progeny and named Karen and Andrew. Karen is the main character of the Little Sister series. Because it's for little kids every story in the series has a moral.

I remember one of the books, the theme was lying. Karen saved her money for new Rollerblades. She finally bought the. The first day she was trying them out, she fell and broke her wrist. When her neighbor asks her how she broke her wrist Karen says she was trying to jump over a family of snails so she wouldn't run them over. With each person she tells the story to her story gets more and more elaborate. She gets herself in some sort of tangle with her fibbing, although what it was about exactly I don't remember. I couldn't find a copy of the book. Finally the story gets back to her father, who reprimands her. Everyone then lives happily ever after.

The only other thing I remember for the series was a girl named Natalie in Karen's class, who had glasses and droopy socks. The pictured book is not the same one with the lying, but it's the only picture I could find.

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