Monday, October 11, 2010

Childhood Narrative 3

This is a picture of a day that represents an amazing memory of my childhood. it was summertime. I remember my family went to Michigan for a family reunion. That was also the third time I had ever ridden in an airplane. It is my first memory of airports or flying. We were staying at my grandmother's house. I remember her making us breakfast, and feeding my bacon to her dog, Chauncie. I also remember my mother getting us dressed and insisting we stay clean until we get there.

We went to the reunion. It was basically a barbecue/ picnic sort of thing. There were horseshoes and volleyball. I remember meeting lots of relatives, specifically lots and lots of old people. I also remember getting lots of hugs and kisses. For the grownups there was drinking and socializing. For us kids It was fun but there wasn't much for to do.

There had also been flash floods for the weeks proceeding that weekend. The rain had just stopped that Friday Everything was wet and muddy and there were all these enormous puddles. So finally after the reunion was over, my mom took us to a playground. She told us to get as muddy as we possibly could. I also remember meeting that kid with the cast, although I don't remember his name. So we all played for hours and pushed each other in puddles, and covered the slide with mud, kid stuff. Then we went home exhausted and soaked.

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