Thursday, October 14, 2010

Felt Post- Stuck in the Middle

I think growing up in the middle of my two brothers has been a large shaping force in my life. I have traits that are like both my brothers, and I often fall on the spectrum. My mom called Ryan a disaster child. She told me when we were little she could never bring him to other people's houses. If he was left alone for ten minutes everyone on their television would be purple and there would be at least three broken things.

My brother Ian couldn't be more different than Ryan. First of all he's a pretty big kid, while Ryan is dainty. I can't think of a better word than that, maybe wispy. By the time I was five, Ian was bigger than me and almost as big as Ryan. Also Ian was incredibly laid back, he was pretty slow to walk, to talk and all those things. For the longest time he would just sit on the ground and make noises until someone brought him what he wanted.

A lot of times middle children feel ignored and have trouble finding their place. I can identify with that to an extent. I was never a joiner as a child, I quit ballet, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, girl scouts, track. Also has a teenager I was pretty rebellious, I think my mom would say I was the hardest to deal with of the three. But since Ryan is six years older than me, and he's a half brother, and I was the only girl, I don't think I have the antisocial traits inherent with "middle child syndrome."

Look at that other picture, of us as toddlers, whenever I'm in a picture with my brothers, I'm making that same face. If you look at pictures when am the same age and alone, I'm cheesing hard.

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