Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Community Story 2

One of Littleton's claim to fames is Chutters. Well, more imporpartantly Chutters' candy counter-- the longest in the world.

The store is located right on main street. The candy counter spans the entire 112 feet of the store. You can find basically any candy you want but they specialize in nostalgic sweets from the past. I remember walking there with my friends many times after school. It's only about a tenth of a mile away. First you have to put on plastic gloves and get a white bag. Then you go from jar to jar choosing what you want. We usually focused on the penny candy.

The store sells classic flavored soda and lots of rustic gifts and house decor. The also have a huge variety of homemade fudge. When you walk in, it almost feels like stepping into the past. It has a very homey atmosphere, This is partly for the tourist who flock there for skiing in the winter and camping in the summer. Everytime someone visits me from college I always take them to chutters for a sweets fix.

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