Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Community Story 1

I grew up in a little tiny town, way up in the mountains, called Littleton NH. As you can see in the picture it is practically in Canada. So as you would probably imagine, it is in the middle of woods and nowhere. There was never very much to do. The most happening place in town was Walmart. Well that and the "hick pit" where you can find local kids wearing carharts, spitting tobacco, and talking about whose truck is bigger. There are certainly huge advantages to living in such a sheltered community. However, by the time I graduated high school it was getting more than a little suffocating. Which is probably why I decided to go so far away.

There were only 75 people in my graduating class. A high school that small is bound to suffer from everyone-knows-everything-about-everyone syndrome. The gossip and drama sometimes really bothered me. This is not to say I'm not guilty of a little gossiping myself. But I've realized some good things about it since I've left. With so few students everyone has an opportunity to get very involved in any activity that they want to. Also I got a chance to get to know everyone in my class in a way that would be impossible if there were a lot more people. I think I might want to move back to a town like this in the (very far away) future when I have my own kids.

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