Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Community Story 4

Another peice of Littleton history is the Jax Jr cinema. It has been around since
1920. The building however is not the original. This is because the theatre has been burned down twice in 1928 and in 1951. When Jack built the third structure he intended to have the finest theater in New Hampshire. He also wanted the building to be fireproof. This is the structure that stands today. It is the only movie theater in our town. It only plays two movies at a time.

On April 5, 1941 Jax JR was the setting of one of the coolest thing that has ever happened in Littleton. "The Great Lie" starring Betty Davis and Fred Astaire priemered here. It was a joint celebration because it was also Davis' birthday. Ten-thousand spectators flocked to Littleton to watch. I love Betty Davis and so wish I could have been there!

I love the aesthetic and clothing of the 40's. Everything was so glamorous and romantic. I might incorporate that style into my wide image.

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