Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Community Story 3

Polyanna is called the most optimistic fictional charector in the World. She is the main charector in a book with the same name. She is an orphan who is sent away to live with an old lady. She basically goes around the town spreading cheer and good deeds. Even when bad things happen to her, like becoming crippled, she stays happy and hopefull.The author Eleanor Porter (1868-1920) lived in my hometown when she was a chiild.

This statue sits right outside out public library, which is located on Main Street. It is meant to send a message of welcoming. It is bronze and antiqued made to look historic . However, the statue is not very old, I remember when they put it up. People are encouranges to rub her feet for luck and happiness. Each year in the beginning of the summer there is a "Polyanna Glad Day." This consist of a festival in the library and a lot of grown women dressing up as Polyanna.

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